When I’m scrolling through photographer’s blog posts during coaching sessions, I’ll talk through how certain wedding days went and why things were captured certain ways. Most photographers say “Well, I couldn’t move her into better light because we only had 3 mins to get her in her dress!”…. Or they’ll say “I didn’t have time to capture more variety with their portraits because family formals took 45 minutes!”. These are just two examples! There are SO many things that can go wrong on a wedding day that have the potential to tarnish your client’s experience!

Think about it…. if the timeline is a mess, if you aren’t prepared, if your bride has different expectations than you do on the wedding day… it’s going to affect the way that they talk about you. Even just ONE moment of confusion or the slightest sign of stress can make a bride feel uneasy about her experience with her photographer. All of these issues stem from a problem with the client experience! Over the years we have worked really hard to build a client experience that absolutely blows our clients away. We’re proud of this experience and we know that it works because we have been able to book out our wedding seasons year after year even though we’re raising our prices! Why is this?? Because our KJ Brides love us and they LOVE their experience!!

The exciting news is that we’ve decided we need to share some of this information with as many photographers as possible before wedding season hits!! You can’t have DREAM brides without giving them a DREAM experience!!! If you want to learn about how we have created that experience for our brides, JOIN US THIS THURSDAY at 8pm EST for a FREE WEBINAR!!!! We’ll be sharing “5 Secrets to the KJ Wedding Experience” AND we have an EXCITING announcement to share at the END! We’re getting so excited about it!!! We’ll see you Thursday! Woohoo!!


xoxo, Katelyn
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