4 Brand New Mini-Guides!!!

  • The 12 Guide Collection is Complete!

Some of you are probably rolling your eyes at me right now! I’m embarrassed. I took a poll over a YEAR ago to see what you all wanted in the FINAL FOUR Mini-Guides! You all gave me amazing feedback and I was so excited to get them done and then…. wedding season happened. And then Conference season happened. And then the Consistency Course happened. Before I knew it, it was 2016 and I was coming up missing my Mini-Guide goal by ONE YEAR!! Oh it makes me mad just thinking about it!

However, I think that the timing was actually perfect because I needed this year to really nail down what topics would be a good fit for the Mini-Guide collection AND we have a fun surprise being announced later this week that will coincide with this Mini-Guide debut rather nicely!! It’s nothing too crazy so don’t get your hopes up too much but we’ve been doing some reorganizing over here and our hard work is finally done!!

So, the FINAL FOUR are complete and now we have a beautiful collection of 12 Mini-Guides and an incredible Mini-Guide BUNDLE that allows you to take over $50 off when you purchase ALL of them!!! These guides are full of some of my best content in all of these different micro categories! I have to tell you, I do have a few favorites!!! I LOVE the brand new “How To Execute a FIRST LOOK” Mini-Guide because it’s unlike anything we’ve ever done and the information can MAKE or BREAK how the first look unfolds for your couple! I also LOVE the Posing Evolution Mini-Guide! Fun fact, this mini-guide is by FAR the most POPULAR product in the entire store!!! Another favorite is the “15 Minute Bridal Party Portraits” Mini-Guide! We JUST had a wedding this past weekend where guests started arriving SUPER early and we had to cram in all of the bridal party shots into just a few minutes!!

Take a look at our FINAL FOUR Mini-Guides Bundle HERE  and be sure to check out the ENTIRE COLLECTION of Mini-Guides HERE!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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