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3 years ago yesterday, I was getting ready for the most exciting day of my life. Makeup, hairdos, centerpieces and dresses filled my parent’s house. It was an amazing 73 degrees and the excitement was contagious. We had waited for this day for 8 years… 8 LONG years and when it finally arrived, it seemed surreal!! Everything we had spent over a year planning was coming to life in the backyard. My momma’s flowerbeds looked better than ever before, Daddy had just mowed the field and put up wedding signs and dozens of other friends and family were hard at work to make our dream day happen.

They say your wedding day goes by faster than any other and I would agree that that’s true.  It was so true for us.  I remember walking down the aisle and around our reception thinking “Gosh, we’re so blessed”.  We have the most amazing people in our lives and I don’t deserve the amazing friendships that God has given us but I’m so thankful for them.

As awesome as it was to watch everyone who loves us the most come together to celebrate with us, the greatest gift I received on that day was the gift of an incredible man to spend the rest of my life with.  For those of you that don’t REALLY know me that well, you need to know that I’m not your normal girl that grew up babysitting, making cupcakes in her free time and watching chick flicks all day on Saturdays.  I’ve been strange since I was in middle school/ high school. While most high school girls were hanging out painting their nails on Saturday’s, I was selling hand painted dishes at craft shows and while most women love to cook and be super domestic… that’s not my strong suit. I’m just strange like that!! ….. But I’m totally ok with it because God have me a man that totally accepts that part of me and compliments my weirdness is the best ways.

With each year of marriage that passes, I’m realizing more and more that God put Michael and I together for such a great purpose. I’m continually seeing how his gifts and my gifts make a great team.  Michael knows how to handle my stressful days. He knows that I never remember to charge my phone and he also knows that my inbox easily stresses me out and so he labels my messages so that I can go through the important ones first.  He lets me dream and attempt crazy decorating ideas that he usually ends up finishing.  He’s my voice of reason and reality when I’m trying to do too much and he teaches me how to relax and have boundaries.  Like I said, the longer we’re married, the more I see God’s plan for us. I’m so thankful for my husband and all that he does for me and our marriage. Yesterday I came back to my room at the retreat center and found roses waiting for me. :) A blog post is the least I can do to express how much I love him but I want the world to know how wonderful he is!! :)

Happy 3 Years Michael! I love you and I can’t wait to see all that God has in store for us in the decades to come!!

And because I’m such a sap and cry every time I watch this, I’m posting it again! This is our homemade wedding video! No judging! Our sweet friend Katie Beale took clips of our wedding day because we didn’t have a videographer and even though I’m not the best editor and I didn’t give her the best equipment to use, these clips are PRICELESS to me!! I’m SO THANKFUL we have them!!! Enjoy!



xoxo, Katelyn
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