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You may have heard…. we had a baby! Who hasn’t heard? I feel like that’s all we’ve been talking about the last 3 weeks since Everly entered the world! We love her, and we love being her parents! We also LOVE taking pictures of her! One of the most stressful things that I’ve encountered in preparing for our first baby was figuring out how I want to document her life! I know that sounds silly…. and trivial even… but it’s true.

I care so much about preserving her first weeks, her first months, her first year. I’m a journal-person. So I want to write to her and remember how things felt and save as many memories as I can of this fleeting time. However, I also want to be present, and I don’t want to have an unrealistic expectation put on myself for how I preserve memories of Evy’s life events and milestones! That’s the last thing I need to be stressing about!

So, there are a lot of things I’m doing, that I’ll share eventually (once I get the hang of them!), to save memories and her pictures and my thoughts! However, this post is where I’m going to focus on how to preserve all of the IPHONE PHOTOS that we take all day everyday!

I remember someone asking me at a workshop once if they should have a PERSONAL account on Instagram and a BUSINESS account. Well, I immediately said “NO” to the personal account and here’s why! I whole heartedly believe that your business should include your personality! People love getting to know those that they are investing in. We have had nothing but AMAZING success from sharing personally online!


I created a family Instagram account when Evy was born because I knew that I was going to be an over-sharer, and there has to be a BALANCE! I also think that a “Family” account is different from separating “Business” and “Personal”! If you look on my mail account HERE…. you’ll see that I definitely don’t stray away from personal posts! Every other post is personal!! There are even some baby posts on there! However, I know that not EVERY post can be baby oriented or else that will hurt my business in the long run. I want people to see our life and hear about how much we love our baby girl… but I also want them to see the love we have for our clients and our business.

Our family Instagram account actually serves multiple purposes!! We didn’t JUST create it because I can’t help sharing pictures of Evy… we created it because :

  1. We wanted a place to post as many pictures of Evy as we wanted because editing my favorite iPhone pictures and posting them is one way to cull and save the absolute BEST of the BEST!
  2. I signed up for CHATBOOKS account! This company will print and send me little albums of printed pictures every time I post 60 new photos! It’s an automated way to print and preserve our abundance of iPhone photos!! My friend Kristi Mckeag has a family account and will post as many images in a row as she wants because that account isn’t for her followers, it’s for her and her books! It’s genius!
  3. Our families and close friends love seeing updates of Evy… even if it’s 5 times a day! I put a disclaimer on our family account that if you follow it, you HAVE to be ok with me over-sharing, because I’m a new mom and I can’t help it! 

So, if you’re a new momma and you’re stressing over how to preserve these little, everyday moments that you’re capturing on your iPhone, maybe consider creating a family account for the sake of creating a book! I don’t think TWICE about curating my “Top Nine” images for our family account and it’s so freeing!!

Ps. Mommas…. I tend to post new photos on this account during late night nursing sessions because it helps me stay awake!! :)  Also, if you don’t want people seeing your family photos, make your account private! It will still work with Chatbooks printing!


xoxo, Katelyn
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