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  • Happy New Year!!

yesterday that I have hit the age where I don’t really care to be any older. 23 was nice…. why not stay 23? Forever!  24 just sounds so old! (all of you past 30 are rolling your eyes, I know).  I remember being 18 and thinking, “oh my gosh!” I’m not going to be a “teenager” in two years! This is CRAZY!!! Now I’m married and only one year away from being 25?!! That’s halfway to 50!!!!!  Time is flying! And I’m loving life. Really, I’m so thankful for my life and for all that God has given me. He has blessed me in so many ways and I just hope that when people see me, they see Him because nothing else in life matters.

Nothing. My life could end at 25, or 46 or 82…. we never know. This life that we live everyday is so temporary….And while I’m loving it right now… I know that this is NOTHING compared to the joy I’ll experience one day when I get to meet my savior face to face.  Talk about a good day!!!


So the crazy thing about having a new years eve-eve birthday is that when I turn a year older, it really feels like I’m starting a brand new year of life!! I’m excited for what 2012 has in store for me AND this crazy business. Here’s to a GREAT year full of happiness, risks, some failures, some accomplishments and all the fun stuff in between!! Happy a HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone and remember this quote below…. there is a lot of truth to that!!!! And one of my new years resolutions is the practice this daily!! :

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