The Best Images of 2018

  • Highlighting my favorite images from this past year!

You may be wondering “Um Katelyn, it’s almost March and you’re doing a “Best of 2018” post? Yes…. yes I am. Why? Because I was scrolling through my portfolio gallery and was just so thankful for all of these amazing couples, and I wanted to show them off again. These couples aren’t just normal couples for us. They walked through an incredibly hard year with us and were more gracious and kind and understanding than we could have ever hoped for. Some of them had to reschedule engagement sessions last spring because I was pregnant with James longer than the doctors anticipated.

Some couples knew that I was pregnant with our third baby during their fall weddings. Some couples just simply hugged us, and told us how much they loved us and had been praying for us through our difficult season. We love these amazing couples so much and I am so thankful for them. There were supposed to have been more weddings represented in this post. We had to hand over weddings in France, Louisiana, and North Carolina because of all that we went through with our second pregnancy. I’m so thankful for Anna Grace Photography and Megan Kelsey Photography for taking care of our KJ Brides when I couldn’t.

These are not all of my favorites… they are just my TOP favorites. If I shared all of my favorites we would be here all night. As I sit here and scroll through these images, I’m so grateful that I was able to capture some beautiful work that I’m really proud of even in the midst of the hardest year of our lives. It feels so encouraging to me as I scroll through these images, because I see how my talent and my abilities were still able to exist even in the midst of pain, heartache, and trials. These images make me feel so much joy, and I just had to share them again! Enjoy my favorites of 2018!

xoxo, Katelyn
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