• Half of the Seats are Already Gone!

Whew! What a year it’s been! If you have followed us for a while you probably know that our house has been on the market for …. SEVEN MONTHS. Yes. Over half of a year. It’s CRAZY. However, we still have big dreams that we can’t wait to implement once this house sells, but since God obviously has a very different opinion about the timing of all of this, we’re just learning to be patient!!! So, what does this have to do with workshop registrations?

Well, we’ve decided that we’re going to host another workshop in our house!! The teaching will be in our home but the SHOOT is going to be at the most epic location just 3 minutes away!!! Friends, do you remember THIS WEDDING?? : 

 Well THIS is the venue for our styled shoot at the FEBRUARY 1st & 2nd workshop!! Ah!!! We are so excited to have 16 photographers in our home and then venturing down the street to this incredible home for a shoot on Day One!!

Our workshops are TWO DAYS and nothing is off-limits! By the end of day two I have no voice because there’s over 20 hours of teaching content!! It’s crazy! If you want to learn more about the outline of those two days and what is included, visit our WORKSHOP SITE!!!

I hate making people feel rushed… but the EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT ($150 off!) ends TONIGHT at Midnight! AND over half of the seats are already sold!!! If you’re wondering if this workshop is for you, see if some of these points below describe you:

– Did you start your business quickly & now you’re overwhelmed with your lack of systems & workflow?
– Do you know a lot about photography but NOTHING about business?
– Are you drowning in editing and your family time is suffering because of it?
– Are you paying a small fortune for advertising but not seeing any bookings in return?
– Are you attracting clients that take advantage of you and don’t respect your business?
– Are you stuck in the “friend zone”? Meaning all of your clients are friends paying little to nothing for your services?
– Is your business growing but you know you’re not where you want to be and don’t know why?
– Do you struggle with posing and tend to freeze up when it comes to directing your clients?
– Do you rely on a crazy amount of photoshop work just to make your images stand out?
– Are you receiving inquiries that always turn into a haggle?
– Do you have an online presence that isn’t doing you any favors but you don’t know how to fix it?
– Are you charging less than you’re worth and have no idea how to increase your value to clients?
– Are you wondering if you can even MAKE it in the photography world?

The list goes on and on. If you’re struggling in your business, I know it’s scary and everything seems so uncertain. However, the truth is, you deserve to have a successful business, you deserve to earn a profit… a GREAT profit! … and your family deserves more quality time than your computer screen. If ANY of this resonates with you, this workshop is FOR YOU & it will be a turning point for your business AND your life in general! We can’t wait to meet you! Get excited because this is going to be a game changer!


P.s. Want to see a few peeks into our LAST workshop?! Click HERE! Our last workshop was on a farm and now we’re moving to a country estate that (in my opinion) looks like one epic CASTLE!!

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To view some of our past Workshop Styled Shoots, click HERE, HERE and HERE!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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