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friday I woke up, ran around the house gathering last minute things I needed, triple sprayed my hair so that my bangs wouldn’t be in my face all day and then I rushed out of the door at 7:40. It was a WORKSHOP DAY! I literally feel like we JUST had a workshop. The Workshop Experience last November was such a great day and I met so many amazing photographers who I can now call my friends!  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to do this again! Photographers from all over the east coast (and north west!) came to Richmond VA and met at 9am at the Virginia Center of Architecture.

We chatted, introduced ourselves and then we dove right in. There is so much to cover. Realistically, this needs to be a two day workshop but I just haven’t worked up the courage to make that happen. So we worked HARD. I talk fast naturally so it’s easy for me to say a lot in a little amount of time… the question is, did it make sense! haha The attendees were so excited to learn and meet each other that they organized a dinner Thursday night AND Friday night….. yea, they are awesome… and I’m so thankful. They already grasp the idea that we NEED friends in this industry. The days of doing this on our own are over. The industry is changing and morphing into more of a community and I’m liking it!


So we began talking about The Experience and how clients want to FEEL something… not just SEE something. Images should not be our MAIN concern when working with our clients…as crazy as that sounds, it’s true! The experience is what gets talked about! So then we moved into posing and natural lighting and before we knew it, it was lunch and time for the styled shoot. Gosh, the day FLEW BY! Looking back, it seems like a blur. I’m so incredibly thankful for everyone that helped out and made me stay on track! Emy, my sister, drove in from Tech and helped Michael’s mom Bobbi run the show behind the scenes. THANK YOU BOTH!!! Ali helped out with shooting the day of and she and Bobbi assisted with the shoot setup the day before. I’m so grateful to have two extra set of hands helping Dana and Janie!  Dana and Janie were my lifesavers. Together, Dana and Janie styled and prepared the shoot and it was GORGEOUS! I can’t WAIT to show you!! Today we’re just taking a peek behind the scenes but you just wait…. the styled shoot is coming and it’s beautiful!! So here are some shots from Ali that tell the story of the day!


I can’t keep going without thanking some AMAZING people and giving credit where credit is due!!:

Kathleen from the VCA… she’s wonderful!

Mosaic Catering… those Pecan Crusted Chicken Skewers are to die for!

HUGE thanks to our sponsors who gave our attendees some goodies! :

H-B Photo, Kelly Moore, Leather Craftsmen

Thank to Party Perfect for helping us our with Rentals!

Other vendor credits coming with the FULL shoot post!!



Twas the night before the workshop…. and EVERYTHING was EVERYWHERE!

No idea what I’m doing.

Some ladies checking out the Leather Craftsmen albums!!

Shoot shoot shoot

Gettin LOW!

On the right… that’s Emy… our strict time keeper… and wonderful sister/bouquet holder.

Please notice all the TEAL! LOVE IT!!!!!:):)

Thank goodness for overcast skies and mild weather!! So wonderful!

And then Michael brought Bokeh down for a walk:)

Group photo! I remembered this time! …. Well, someone else remembered and REMINDED me.:)

Sneak peek of what’s to come!! woohooooo!! Thanks Emily and Jeff!! 


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