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  • A Day at the Spa

so much about my brides being my friends and that’s really not a lot of fluff… its’ the truth. I’m so thankful that in this stage of my business, I attract brides that are very similar to me. We get along and we have fun together…. so naturally…I wanted to see them again! Their weddings are long gone and while a few still have to approve their album design, for the most part, our journey together is over. It’s actually kind of sad when you put it that way. :( I decided last year that I wanted to see my 2011 brides again and spoil them so we hosted a SPA DAY at the Red Door Spa here in Richmond.

It was a BLAST and so we did it again this year!! It’s so wonderful seeing all of these familiar faces. One by one, 16 of my 2012 brides trickled into the spa! I just love these girls!! They had a blast getting to know one another and then once their appointment time arrived, they had an hour of relaxation!! As I sat there eating cinnamon crunch bagels from Panera and catching up with my friends I couldn’t help but realize “This is my JOB?! Hanging out at the spa on a Saturday with awesome brides is a part of my job description?! How am I so lucky?!! The BEST part is that this was Michael’s baby. He’s so much better at the little details and so I really just showed up. Cue the hallelujah chorus! I love not doing this on my own. :) So to all of my 2012 brides that couldn’t make it, we MISSED you terribly and you need to be on the lookout for something in the mail! And for those that were able to attend, I LOVED seeing each and every one of you!! What a huge blessing you were to our lives this year!!! THANK YOU for choosing me to be a part of one of the biggest years of your life!! Love you ALL!!!!

Some people ask “aww what about the grooms?!”…. Well, I agree, they kinda missed out here… but MICHAEL sure didn’t! We had a cancellation and of course we’re not going to let that spot go to waste!! ha! 

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