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  • A Year of Color

I love color!!! And I’ve realized this so much this year. I really didn’t think much about it until I started reading comments about how people enjoyed the colors in my images. After a while I realized that my color really does define a lot of my “style”. I like it BRIGHT!! And BOLD!  I don’t have a vintage-muted-faded- look. However, I do LOVE the coloring of film and there are times that I grow jealous of those photographers that can achieve those soft, muted tones. I grow so jealous sometimes that I find myself playing with presets to see if I can mirror their look…. but then I walk away from the computer and

come back later and when I see those edited images and think “Ew! That’s SO not me”. I think it’s only natural to want what others have. I look at others photographer’s work ALL the time and wish that I had a portfolio like theirs. It’s a bad habit and after talking with some other photographers, I know I’m not alone on this. We all do it. This year I’ve come to realize that I really do have a STYLE of my own… and I need to OWN IT!!!!! I like BRIGHT! And yes, the whole “vintage, film, muted colors” look is beautiful and Jose Villa makes me drool…. but that’s not me. I can still aspire to continue growing in my own style… but I never want to find myself wanting to be JOSE, or Justin & Mary, or Jasmine, or Jodi and Kurt, or Jessie Smith, or Elizabeth Messina, or Sarah Rhoads etc. etc…..Don’t get me wrong, these are all GREAT photographers and I adore their work….but I’m KATELYN JAMES! And I’m proud of it! My images are BRIGHT and BOLD and they are going to stay that way. So here’s to a beautiful year of BOLD, COLORFUL wedding images that have made my portfolio BRIGHT!


I have selected some of my most colorful images of 2011 to post as my “2011 Wedding Recap”. It’s impossible for me to pick my “wedding favorites” so I had to narrow it down a bit.  Here are my favorite images with beautiful tones and colors from my 2011 weddings! Enjoy!!! And guess what tomorrow is?!….. I’ll just keep you hanging:)

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