A Tropical Getaway

  • Our 2 Year Anniversary Cruise

vacation without my CAMERA. Like, my REAL camera.  I left the Mark III at home for our 2 year anniversary cruise and I left it on purpose.  There was a split second during packing that I thought “But I’m going to ATLANTIS and that’s just a shame not to take my REALY camera!”.  Well, despite that thought, I didn’t pack it…. and I’m SO glad I didn’t!! What a relief! I know it’s sad but when your hobby is also your career, sometimes you need a vacation from it! I felt so FREE on this trip. Maybe it was the lack of professional camera equipment or maybe it was the non-existence of internet access!! I couldn’t blog, I couldn’t check email, I couldn’t

check FB and I couldn’t even Instagram!!! …. It was weird but amazing. Once we pulled out of Miami, slowly the bars of signal started to fade and by Monday night, we were disconnected from all forms of media. I highly recommend this to anyone working in an industry that deals with social media interactions 24-7! It’s a nice break! We don’t realize what social media has done to us. Sometimes we’re so concerned about getting a good pic for instagram that we miss what’s really happening!! I’m so guilty of this!  So our cruise to the Caribbean was an awesome 4 days of being “unplugged” in the tropics! We loved it! If you are new to the blog, you may not know that we cruised for our honeymoon and it was the best decision ever!! (And the Knot did a little ditty on it in their national magazine!) … Is “Ditty” even a word? I sound like an old woman.


Anyway! Our trip was all  that we hoped it would be. Before we left, I shot a double header and stayed up to blog everything for that coming week. In those hours of hard work I thought, “We’re crazy…WHY are we doing this in the BUSIEST month of the year for the business?!!:”… but it was perfect timing, really. I needed a break. After shooting 30 weddings, I was tired. Tired of blogging, tired of my computer screen, tired of emails and tired of shooting. WHAT? Tired of shooting?! That’s not ok! So this break was exactly what I needed. I loved my time with my amazing husband. He planned all of this, I literally just showed up and followed him everywhere. I didn’t even know where this cruise was going until I got on the ship!!!


We had great memories from this trip… like always claiming awesome deck chairs right before departures so that we were sure we would have great views… and going to sometimes cheesy but always entertaining shows and then how could I forget almost getting stranded in the middle of Grand Bahama island?! Yup. We were rebels and rented a scooter even though the cruise line recommends that you don’t. We were on our way to find a little beach that we spotted on the map and it turns out, that map isn’t drawn to scale.  We ended up 14 miles out from civilization. Yea. Just me, Michael and a scooter that was about to run out of GAS!!!!! By the grace of God and a sweet Bohemian woman, we were able to fill up the tank and make it back to town… never even seeing a beach. But hey!! We have an awesome story. :)


Enjoy my iPhone pictures (don’t judge) from our trip and a mini video at the end!!! (This first pic is of our decorated room! Michael is good at surprises:)

It was going great!!!

And then we got scared… but all was good again about an hour later! 

Oh bill was “$10.10” on 10/10! We should have gotten it for free because of that magnificent coincidence!

Yikes! That hair Katelyn!!!

Date night!

And here’s a mini video made by Magisto! 

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