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I’m so excited to write this post because you already know a lot of weird stuff about me! Like the fact that apples make my mouth itch and that I can’t really bend my last three toes! Strange, I know. But don’t you feel like you know me better because you know some of the weird stuff?! Today it’s Michael’s turn! I made him come up with this list because I only wanted him to share 10 things that he wanted the world to know about him! I could come up with three dozen things that may surprise you about Michael but I’ll let him do the talking today!

Michael is an interesting guy and I’ve always loved that about him. He has never fit into one category of “man”. Some men are super techy, really out-doorsy, really redneck, uber metro, completely country or just overly preppy and Michael doesn’t fall into any of those categories completely.  He has hints of all of them which makes him an overall a well rounded guy that’s always up for anything! Enjoy getting to know Michael a little better today!! I’m handing over the reigns to him! :

Hello Internet!!  This is where I take over the Katelyn James blogosphere!  Honestly during our planning meeting for 2015, Katelyn was talking about how she could scale back blogging 5 times a week and I offered to take over a few posts a month and she actually said yes!!  So here is my little introduction to me with:

ten things

Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Michael!!

  1. I’m blind…. or at least I feel like it sometimes.  Now in the wedding photography world, this is frowned upon.  Do not worry I have contacts and backup contacts on wedding days and if worse comes to worse, I can bust out my glasses!  I am not sure what legally blind is, but my prescription is -3.00 in both eyes!
  2. I love every type of music!  Like Katelyn said, I do not fall into one category of “man” (I think that is a compliment :).  I also do not have a favorite type of music.  I have anything and everything on my iPhone.  From country music to Broadway show tunes, from T-Swift to Linkin Park, from Jay-Z to Michael Buble’. Seriously everything!!  If you know any new artists leave a comment, I love checking out new music!
  3. Toilet Paper Troubles : I have to have toilet paper coming over the top of the roll and not under like Katelyn does!  This is almost a deal breaker for relationships haha!  Katelyn’s family does it the wrong way too and whenever we are in their house I switch the toilet paper around!  I will switch it around at anyone’s house, so watch out!
  4. I Hate Salads (yes I eat vegetables, just not salad).  This will get me emails about how unhealthy I am and I am fully prepared to delete them. :) I will also get fan mail from people who share their disdain for rabbit food!
  5. Would take a nap every day if Katelyn would let me.  Katelyn views this as a weakness, I view it as a strength.  If I can shut my eyes for 20….maybe 30 minutes I wake up ready to accomplish what ever she needs me to do.  There have been studies done about this…It’s science.
  6. Barnes and Noble is my happy place.  A lot of people ask, “So you spend your whole day with your wife at the house?” and most days that is the case, but we have our days where I need to get out, or I am asked to get out of the house and my go-to place is Barnes and Noble.  I have enough introvert in me that I like to be by myself, but I like to be by myself with other people around.  If that makes sense.
  7. If a new apple product comes out I have to buy it. (Once approved by the monthly budget)  I am currently saving up for the Apple Watch, I was hoping it was going to be out for Valentines day so that could be an excuse, but I will just have to wait!
  8. Turning into a country boy. Again Katelyn said that I do not really fit the mold of a specific type of guy, but one type that I feel like I am turing into is a country boy.  I’m now a proud owner of a gun, muckboots, and a Carhartt coat for Christmas.  If you do not know what any of those things are then there is most likely not a country boy in your life.  Even the other day I thought that I would like to have a truck and I have never had that thought in my life.
  9. I have Invisalign!  One of my 10 things that people didn’t know about me was that I never wore braces.  I feel like I had pretty straight teeth….well on the top at least.  I learned how to smile without showing my bottom teeth.  Then my wisdom teeth came in because I never got around to getting them removed.  So now my teeth are overcrowded and I have Invisalign to fix it! Nothing more romantic than taking out some plastic retainers from your mouth!
  10. I wish I was a travel agent!  One of my favorite parts of working with Katelyn is planning all of our travels!  Be sure to check out the new categories tab up top and click personal and travels to see all of our adventures!  I love finding cheap flights and hotels and keeping everything organized!  That is the type A in me coming out!
xoxo, Katelyn
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