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For ANY photographer. ANY experience level.

LIGHTING & Location


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Are you ready to CONFIDENTLY find amazing natural light and great locations at every single shoot?! Learn how to take ANY location and find light that brings life to your images and confidence to your shooting! Be confident as a professional photographer because you have mastered how to shoot manually, you’re recognizing and choosing good locations and avoiding bad ones, you’re finding beautiful light that perfectly exposes for the skin and you’re thriving when it comes to the technical knowledge behind the camera.

Is this course the PERFECT FIT for you
and your business?

DO YOU EVER FEEL PANICKED walking to a portrait location with your clients?

THOUGHTS OF "I HOPE I CAN FIX THIS" flood in when you view the back of your camera with shooting?


CLIENTS REQUEST BAD LOCATIONS and you're tired of editing poorly exposed images?


PLAYING IT SAFE IS YOUR "GO TO", shooting in dark SHADE resulting in blue skin tones & dull images?

FLOUNDERING DURING PORTRAIT TIME and you know it's affecting your client's experience?

TIRED OF TRIAL & ERROR SHOOTING, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't!

SEEMS SO EASY FOR OTHER PHOTOGRAPHERS but the struggle is real for you?



Can't seem to ATTRACT HIGH END CLIENTS, but you're longing to have a financially successful business?

Are you SPENDING 4X LONGER EDITING, then you are shooting?
It's NOT an editing problem... 


AN OVERWHELMING FEAR sneaks in when you're preparing for a shoot?

YOUR IMAGES LACK CREATIVITY because you're afraid to take a risk?

Believe that you CAN'T HAVE BEAUTIFUL IMAGES without a fancy venue & breath-taking couple?

If ONE or more resonate...

it's a fit!





MAKESE so much sense!!"


BOOKED a dream wedding

You book a dream wedding. The perfect couple, perfect venue, and planners that you want to win over… and you fumble through portraits & details, which leaves you feeling defeated because you know the images you SHOULD have captured, and that others would have been able to capture, but you just didn’t know how to make it happen. 

This could have been the wedding that pushed you to the next level… but you couldn’t perform.

Try to imagine this

for a minute...



 I booked my dream wedding. It took me almost ten years, but I booked a wedding at Lake Como, Italy, and I knew this was my shot. This was going to be my chance to shoot images that I was incredibly proud of. Well, I got there and realized that every hard lighting scenario you could think of was present!

Lack of shade, trouble with hot spots and green skin, shooting in the harsh sun midday, and no clouds or diffused light. They even rented an antique boat to go out in and take portraits on the water… during the middle of the day! It was stressful, and I had moments of almost panicking… 

I KNEW I could create great portraits, so I stood up for myself and what I knew was right. When the parents and the couple asked about shooting with the lake in the background . . . when the boat driver was frustrated with my persistence about turning the boat back to a 45 degree angle from the sun . . . when we needed shade and secondary light for the first look…. I made it happen!!!

In the past, I would have caved and wasted time shooting in horrible light just to appease my clients, and then spent HOURS frustrated in Lightroom. Instead, I walked away from that wedding with some of the BEST IMAGES of my entire 10 year career!!!



It’s scary to think that if I didn’t KNOW and UNDERSTAND lighting, this amazing opportunity would have been a disaster! 

So what can you take away from this story? You can ALWAYS make it work, & the secret to being a successful photographer is understanding and controlling your lighting scenarios. No matter what your style, we’re all looking for the same thing… properly exposed skin, & locations that don’t distract. 

The reason POSING comes naturally to me is that I’m confident with my lighting. The reason I’m incredibly fast at EDITNG and can turn my images around in 48 hours is that I’m great at finding amazing natural LIGHT. 


heart beat of what we do

This is the HEARTBEAT of what we do. 

I’m successful because I see potential in what most photographers OVERLOOK! In the KJ Lighting and Locations Course I’m going to teach you how to have a new set of eyes as a photographer!! 

You’ll never show up to a shoot and panic when there isn't any shade… 
You’ll never have to deal with nasty skin tones….

You’ll never have to wonder if you can create gorgeous images at that low-budget wedding you have booked for next year. 

You WILL be capable of creating images that reflect your style and skill no matter where you are shooting! I’m excited to introduce to you, the KJ Lighting and Location Course!

This was my ONE SHOT...

You will ALWAYS need this education as a photographer.

"It's a no brainer...
it transformed my look!"


"Being able to find the right light made all the difference!"


"I knew
exactly what to look for!"


"You changed
my life!
Today's wedding
was to die for!"


"I feel so much more confident!"


Some were great, some weren't... now they're perfect!



just imagine

look like.....

raise prices to
start living comfortably

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can make EVERY session amazing, no matter what! Never be afraid of dark reception spaces! Create your style of images in all THREE types of natural light! And stop dreading those low-budget weddings, because you will have the skills to make anything look high-end and match your style! I don’t always shoot at fancy venues! I actually photograph a lot of weddings in dark churches, community centers, and pavilions, and even firehouse receptions!… you name it, I’ve shot it! However, I pride myself on the fact that my $5,000 weddings look just like my $150,000 weddings! It’s these secrets that I can teach to ANY photographer, and they can grow RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE. 

never get
stumped by a location

Leave your shoot KNOWING you have amazing images on your memory cards instead of cringing while they are uploading. Arrive to your shoots excited to be there instead of being intimidated by the location and the lighting. Say goodbye to that sick feeling you get when you’re shooting and you can’t figure out why your images are looking so hazy, heavy or overexposed on the back of your camera! When you have a formula to use to consistently find great light and locations, sessions become FUN again!!

After diving into the KJ Lighting and Location Course you will have the skills you need to peacefully run your business! Photographers who are confident in selecting locations and finding amazing light are also the photographers who then have the mental space to make their clients feel comfortable in front of the camera. When those two things happen, the next step is being able to creatively layout the image in a way that is pleasing to the eye! You can’t manage negative space, utilize the rule of thirds, look for lead lines and properly compose an image if you're spending all of your shoot time scrambling to find good light. The thing is, all of those characteristics are what make people stop scrolling on Instagram…. it’s those techniques that make people swoon and share their portraits… The KJ Lighting course will empower you to become the photographer whose work stands out from the sea of other photographers and makes an impact. 

You can’t raise prices if you don't attract the right kind of clients… and you can’t attract high-paying clients if your work never improves. If you’ve wondered how some people seem to make it happen in this industry while others don’t, it’s not due to LUCK. All you need are the tools that will help you elevate your client experience, enhance your image quality, and increase the TRUST of your clients. You can make enough money to call this passion your career! I can help make it happen! It starts here!

shoot confidently,
comfortably, and creatively

never doubt your
professionalism again

Stop thinking that your crazy hours behind your computer are normal and never going to change... because that is just not true! In this course I’ll teach you how to achieve images that you are PROUD of straight out of the camera. You’re going to finally be able to quickly SYNC all of your images while editing, instead of tweaking for hours, because you are consistently shooting in the right locations and in the type of natural light that produces clean skin tones, and light and airy backgrounds. 

less time editing,
more time with loved ones


Our students are experiencing...

When you're confident shooting, your work shows it!

"Thank  you! I was able to use SO MUCH of what you taught in this course to capture these, even when the light was harsh at the beginning, and especially in choosing the locations. What you teach is a GAME CHANGER!!! Now I know exactly why some photos seem to turn out better than others!! Thank you for helping to make my work more consistent. You just amaze me!!"   -Stephanie K.

If you're on the fence about investing in the "Lighting & Locations" course...DO IT! This is my sixth year as a wedding photographer and I really wanted to challenge myself this year to put what I'm learning in KJ's course into action...aka take more risks and don't play it "safe" when it comes to lighting and locations on a wedding day!

Before KJ's course I would have never chose to photograph at this spot...there was no shade, and super harsh light...BUT I decided to challenge myself to make it work and used what I was taught. Using body-blocking and natural reflectors made this location amazing and I am so proud of myself for producing these end-result images 🙌 -Jenna T.

"My first wedding since taking the course! I can see such a difference in the consistency of my work in  the past few sessions and especially this wedding. So often I was getting great shots "on accident" and didn't know why the light was so magical in some and blah in others. I took ALL of their portraits in one area and made the best use of light in that one spot instead of focusing on other areas just for diversity's sake! Thank you Katelyn for making it all click!" -Brandi K.

tired of playing it safe
with lighting?

stop getting
shots "on accident"

make your 
work more consistent

"Can't believe how much this course has improved my portfolio. I started to cry when I saw this completed collage because I was so happy with my work. I was able to edit this engagement session so quickly because the majority of the photos were taken correctly in camera and the client sent me the sweetest message about how much she loved them and found them to be artistic and beautiful. This is far from where I started before the course!" - Kassandra O.

get it right
straight out of camera

"Loving the courage i have now to try new things!"


"It's like a good book you just can't put down!"


"Feels like netflix, I can't stop watching!"


"No longer do i dread overcast days!"


"after this course, i finally get it!"


"Super happy with the results!"


Introduction to the Course
What Makes a Great KJ Photo

Shooting Basics
Understanding Kelvin
Simplicity Through Aperture
Capturing Sharp Images

The Power of Light
Light, Location, Layout
The Secret to Secondary Light
Direct Lighting
Backlighting Basics
Direct Backlighting
Light Wrapping
Shooting in Harsh Light
Diffused Backlighting
Indirect Lighting
Setting Yourself Up For Success

Taking Control Over Locations
Background Goals
Elevations & Perspectives
Understanding Backgrounds
Laying Out Your Image
Misc. Location Issues

Cropping & Composition
Advanced: Layers & Foregrounds

Hotel Room
Ugly Church
Sunset & Golden Hour
Fog & Harsh Light
Real Wedding Day 

While I always prefer natural light, the need for flash is unavoidable as a wedding photographer. I started thriving at off-camera flash when I found the secret to making my flash images look just like my natural light images! While flash isn't my first choice, it's a vital part of creating professional images. And for the first time ever, I've created a mini-course to share my tips, tricks, and techniques for creating bright and airy images no matter where I'm shooting receptions! 
($250 value!)

With this course you'll have access to an EXCLUSIVE Online Community Facebook Group JUST for Lighting & Location Course students! Together with thousands of other students, you'll be able to continue learning, share ideas, ask questions, and more . . . indefinitely!
It's so encouraging to see how our students are growing and implementing everything they are taking away from the course! This community of KJ students is so encouraging and they are ready to welcome you to join them!






COURSE Lessons



Exclusive Facebook Community

Sneak Peek

what you get in the

Plus 2 Exclusive

10+ hours of Exclusive content

6 Real Demos


1 real wedding day coverage

lifetime access

workbook + checklists



are sharing...

don't just take our word for it

this course was designed for visual and auditory learners

powerpoints & PDF's?!

Have trouble learning from

risk free

Nervous to make this big of an investment? I absolutely get it, no worries! That's why I'm offering my 30-day, risk-free happiness policy, because if you’re not happy, I’m not happy.
If you complete all of the content within 30 days or enrolling, work through the workbook, and still feel like there’s no way you can apply this education to your photography business, I’ll buy the course back from you. 

Arrow KJ

that's what i needed to hear. now i'm in!

My No Fluff Policy:


 I've been there. The "Fear of Fluff" is real and can cause hesitation when investing in online education!  This is a fluff-free zone. I am committed to that because I've been burned by that myself in the past. You deserve quality content that changes your life and that is exactly what you will get!

Money back Guarantee

Yes yes yes!! If you’re a photographer who photographs PEOPLE of any kind, and you love natural light, this is for YOU! We specifically included some behind-the-scenes examples with individuals and a child to ensure that this is a game changer for you! 

Is this course a good fit for portrait photographers?

Yes! However, it will only be made available to a select number of photographers each year. In order to maintain great customer service, we only open enrollment for a limited time period.

Will this course be offered again?

No! All you need is your brain and internet access! :)

do I need any additional software or program to find this course useful?

You'll get access immediately! And have access FOREVER, so you can pull up these videos and lessons whenever you need a boost or a refresher course. Watch at your own pace with one lesson a week … or binge-watch the entire course over the weekend! I know you have family needs and other things to tend to, so I want to make sure you have access to these tools forever. Once you enroll, you'll get access the same day! Woo hoo! 

HOw and When do i get access?

ABSOLUTELY!!! Yes, it’s so much smarter to do all of this at the very beginning and set your business up for success well, instead of having to go back and change things a year or two in! Learn how to get your images how you desire straight out of camera!! 

Is this a good fit for a beginner?I'm just starting out!

I have a super tight return policy -- but it’s only because I want to make sure I’m attracting dedicated, serious photographers. I have worked so hard to make this program serve you right where you are, but I certainly understand the fear in buying something you can’t fully experience before purchase--that would give me pause, too! As such, by purchasing, you’re agreeing to my 30-day guarantee: if you complete the entire course and do all the work within 30 days from date of enrollment and aren’t satisfied, just show me your work, let me know why it wasn’t a great fit for you and I’m happy to buy the course back from you. 

Do you offer refunds?

I would love to chat with you, and make sure this is the right fit! Email our team at katelyn@katelynjames.com with questions and someone from the KJ Team will get back to you ASAP!

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?


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Arrow KJ

Everyday we get Facebook notifications from our KJ Facebook Groups, and we LOVE seeing the progress that our students are making! Whether they're getting creative with a less than ideal location  or finally able to get the style of image they want straight out of camera, their posts are so encouraging to us! What's even better than an encouraging post is actually seeing the improvement in their work! We are SO proud of these amazing students! Take a look at some of their BEFORE and AFTERS!!


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Arrow KJ

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