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some people mention “professional lighting” before my wedding but I never paid any attention to what it was. It didn’t seem like a necessity at the time.  And then as I continued looking at magazines and reception images, the shots that caught my eye were so COLORFUL and evenly lit and VIBRANT.  I slowly began to realize that the “look” I loved involved something more than just overhead lighting. I think so often this is a part of the wedding planning process that is overlooked because it doesn’t seem necessary. However, there aren’t many things that can make THIS much of an impact on the overall “look” of an event.  If you’re planning a

ballroom wedding or a large tent reception… this is something to consider!!  I’ve blogged about reception lighting a while back but this is the first time that I have been able to show some “before” and “after” images. I shot some of the reception details last weekend BEFORE the lighting was setup. My bad. I thought it was a waste of time but it ended up making for a pretty interesting blog post. So here are some shots that show the dramatic difference professional lighting can make on an event!! Enjoy!  ps. Huge shout out to Big Top Entertainment who lit our reception AND Joe and Kathleen’s ballroom!


The first example is actually from OUR WEDDING! (I still love scrolling through our images… BEST. DAY. EVER.) So this is BEFORE the sun went down and the party started… Thank you Jasmine Star for that shot.. one of my FAVORITES from the whole day! 

And after!!! oooh lala!

And here are a few from Joe and Kathleen’s big day! 

Crazy right?!

It just adds so much! 


And the best part is that the LED lights change colors!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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