Gayton's Winter Retreat

  • We're Outta' Here!

out this afternoon for a weekend away with 50 of our new friends…..50 teenagers. This is going to be fun! My email vacation responder is set, my bags are (almost) packed and I’m getting ready to make a last minute Walmart run! I couldn’t be more excited to get away for the weekend and have unlimited time to be with these awesome people. Michael was able to go on the Mission trip last summer and I couldn’t…. I have these things called “weddings” that kinda take over all of my weekends during the summer! I pouted at home the whole week! So I finally get to go on a trip with the youth at our church and I’m so ready! So if you think about it during this weekend,

weekend, pray that we don’t kill anyone in paintball, that no one jumps in the lake and that the Lord does incredible things! Have a great weekend everyone!! Ps. That picture… it was taken during halloween… our kids don’t normally dress up like cats and Harry Potter on a regular basis, don’t worry.

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