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Hi there! i’m katelyn.

Hello, and welcome to the KJ Blog! I'm Katelyn James, and my husband Michael and I are a wedding photography team based in Richmond, Virginia. We hope you grab some coffee (or a diet coke, in my case) and enjoy viewing our latest work, browsing resources for photographers, and getting a little peek into our life!  Read more...

And a week of Album Designs

  • Christmas Cards

is over, I feel like it’s a race to Christmas. The shopping has to get done, the decorations have to be hung and the Christmas cards have to be ordered! Has anyone else noticed that it’s DECEMBER 13th?!!! What?! HOW?! How is it already two weeks into December? It blows my mind! I remember being in school and thinking “Christmas break will NEVER get here!”. Now that I’m out of school and working… I feel like Thanksgiving happened last week. The days are flying by and I have work to be done! This week is marathon week for albums. So if you want to know what Katelyn will be doing all week…

Virginia Photographer

  • Jason + Jackie | Everyday

really rainy evening the night I drove down to meet Jason and Jackie for the first time. I lugged my sample albums into a little mexican place and we sat and talked and I loved them.  I ended up shooting their wedding, a close friend’s wedding and then Jackie’s brother’s wedding too! I think it’s easy to see that I love this family. There is just something about them. Maybe it’s the country-ness of the Hodges side of the family… or maybe it’s how genuinely sweet Jason and Jackie’s personalities are… I just really love them.  So months and months ago (before I stopped offering portraits), Jackie contacted me and told me they were expecting…

And Why Airborne isn't as Nasty as it Seems!

  • A Sick Day

a sick day.  A day when all I really want to do is lay under our down comforter and watch old episodes of Friends. Yesterday I got home in the evening from a shoot and was returning emails while Michael was at a meeting. I was ready to conqueror my inbox and get an album design done but veryyyyy slowly, I started losing motivation.  After about 30 minutes, I realized the house was CHILLY and I went downstairs to turn the heat up but it was at 76! So I thought “Hmmm… that thermometer must be broken because it is COLD in here!!”.

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