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Hi there! i’m katelyn.

Hello, and welcome to the KJ Blog! I'm Katelyn James, and my husband Michael and I are a wedding photography team based in Richmond, Virginia. We hope you grab some coffee (or a diet coke, in my case) and enjoy viewing our latest work, browsing resources for photographers, and getting a little peek into our life!  Read more...

We're Building a House!

  • A Massive Personal Project

never been more EXCITED and simultaneously SCARED TO DEATH about something before in my life!  Michael and I have some BIG news!!! We’re building a HOUSE?! I say that with a question mark because I still don’t believe it! I’ll believe it when they start digging up the ground!!! We’re obviously at the beginning stages and since we’re such newbies at this, we’re the weirdos that drive by our lot every other day just to make sure “nothing has happened”.  To say we’re excited would be an understatement!  I mentioned a few days ago that we were working on a MASSIVE personal project…. well this is it!

Registration For February 8th, 2013

  • The Workshop Experience

The next workshop date is being announced EARLY this year! Aren’t you proud of me? I’m trying to give everyone a nice heads up since it will be coming up at the beginning of February 2013! The next Workshop Experience will take place in Richmond, VA on February 8th from 9am-6pm. The cost is $750 per person and when I am asked “So what is the workshop about?”…. My best response is this… The Workshop Experience in a nutshell is me teaching 12-16 photographers as much as I possibly can in a matter of  9 hours. The goal of the workshop is for the attendees to learn what took me 4 YEARS to learn in one day!

A Downtown Richmond Engagement

  • Steven + Julie | Engaged

I shoot in the city, the more I come to LOVE RVA. For those in other states or countries, etc…. “RVA” is a nickname for “Richmond, VA”. Michael and I live on the west end of the city in the suburbs and so it’s FUN to head into the city for portraits every now and then. This shoot was a little different than my normal shoots and here is why…. we started at 8AM! Yikes!! For some, that’s not early at all… but for me, it’s a new concept. Shooting that early has always been intimidating to me. I was worried that I wouldn’t feel “awake” enough to be creative!! Well, I happy to share that that wasn’t the case.

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