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Hi there! i’m katelyn.

Hello, and welcome to the KJ Blog! I'm Katelyn James, and my husband Michael and I are a wedding photography team based in Richmond, Virginia. We hope you grab some coffee (or a diet coke, in my case) and enjoy viewing our latest work, browsing resources for photographers, and getting a little peek into our life!  Read more...

A Williamsburg Engagement Shoot

  • Jared + Courtney | Engaged

photographer has a location or two that they are asked to shoot at over and over again. After a while, there is resentment built up towards that location because they feel burnt out every time they have a session there. I totally understand this feeling. There are some locations in Richmond that I would be happy if I never shot there again. As a creative person, I need NEW places to keep things exciting… or so I thought. Jared and Courtney asked me to meet them in Williamsburg last Friday for their engagement session. Last year, Williamsburg was one of those locations for me that I had shot in numerous times in one season but I wanted to do

A Belle Isle Senior Shoot

  • Meet Julia

went through these images and was thinking about what I wanted to write about Julia, a ton of memories came back to be from the past two and half years! Julia has always been the sweet, soft spoken one of out of her group of friends at church. The last several years I’ve had the chance to get to know her and I have to say that I have honestly NEVER seen a negative side of Julia. I’m serious!! Even on mission trips and retreats when everyone is lacking in sleep and energy… I’ve ever experienced a “cranky” Julia. Julia has such a peaceful, loving personality

Shockhoe Bottom Senior Shoot

  • Meet Bailey

one of those girls that you meet and you instantly feel like you know her. I’m not really sure how to explain it but she just makes you feel welcome!! It could be her ability to talk to anyone about anything… or it could also be that she just loves everyone!! Bailey is just one of those people you enjoy being around! I’ve absolutely LOVED getting to know this girl the last few years. She’s a breath of fresh air and I just adore her! It’s hard believe she’s graduating already when I feel like I was JUST introduced to her at youth group!! Time is flying by and while I know Bailey is

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