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Hi there! i’m katelyn.

Hello, and welcome to the KJ Blog! I'm Katelyn James, and my husband Michael and I are a wedding photography team based in Richmond, Virginia. We hope you grab some coffee (or a diet coke, in my case) and enjoy viewing our latest work, browsing resources for photographers, and getting a little peek into our life!  Read more...

Real Stories & Real Change | Why Our Heart is in Coaching

  • Coaching for Any Creative Small Business Owner

A few years back I was asked to do one-on-one mentoring by a few people. Only a few other photographers offered mentoring session (like 3 different photographers… crazy, I know). Oh how times have changed. There are hundreds of photographers offering mentoring and coaching these days. It’s not a bad thing. I’m so thankful that the photography industry has embraced the whole “lets love each other” thing so well. Some people worry about photographers offering mentoring too soon while they’re still newbies themselves and my thought is this… GREAT coaches will continue to offer GREAT coaching sessions.

Our Latest Life-Changing Business Tool

  • Ask Anything

If there is one thing that I’m certain of, it’s that running a small business will NEVER look the same year after year. Systems are made to be enhanced over and over again. If I was STILL using my own “to-do” system from years ago I would have ugly charts and spreadsheets taped all over my office walls. I welcome change in our business and I think that’s a big reason why we’re still growing after seven years!

Year 29

  • Happy Birthday Michael!

I feel like after 7 years of blogging, you know everything about my husband! I mean, you’ve known who Michael is for a LONG time!! We’ve dated since I was 15, he’s been a part of our family since before I could remember and I’ve documented every MAJOR life change that has happened to us over the last seven years on this blog! You know that he has an awesome smile, he loves all things Apple and that he has the power to make ANYTHING fun if he wants to. You know that he basically lives in button up shirts and he’s our travel expert. You also know by now that Michael is an irreplaceable part of our business.

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