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The whole house smelled “Sweet” for days after this party! My lovely sister came a stayed with us for several days and she helped me out BIG TIME on Friday! I couldn’t have gotten all of this done if I had tried! I’m NOT a baker….hence why I made the “No Bake” Mini Cheesecakes! So in the past, my family and I have hosted “Christmas in the Country” every year since I started college. ALL of our college friends would come back together in the middle of Christmas Break and have a party in the country!
This usually included riding four wheelers, eating a lot of food and playing multiple rounds of CatchPhrase.

Well, now that we are all grown up, we can’t keep hosting our party of 70+ guests at my parent’s home AND we can’t really have a party that size at Michael and I’s home either…..mainly because we wouldn’t FIT. So, we did a modified version of “Christmas in the Country” this past Friday night. We started at Adam and Kelley’s house, went on a tacky light tour of Richmond and finished the night with some late-night desserts at our house. We loved it. Michael and I have amazing friends from college and it was so awesome to have them in our home for the first time! I went a little overboard in the food department and we had TONS left over….. (luckily we had about 15 teenagers over to the house last night and they finished off the leftovers in no time!).  So since my blog also serves as my personal scrapbook of life…. I’m blogging some pictures from the other night!

Kelsey is moving to Amsterdam after the holidays! Ah! So Steph made her a “Dutch Clog” cake!

Last but not least….for old times sake… here is one of our HUGE group pictures from Christmas in the Country in 2008! Wow that’s a lot of people! “Christmas in the Country” has now become “Christmas in the City”!

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