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Hi there! I’m Katelyn.

Hello, and welcome to the KJ Blog! I'm Katelyn James, and my husband Michael and I are a wedding photography team based in Richmond, Virginia. We hope you grab some coffee (or a diet coke, in my case) and enjoy viewing our latest work, browsing resources for photographers, and getting a little peek into our life!  Read more...

A Downtown Richmond Senior Shoot

  • Meet Mallory

are some people that come into your life and whenever they’re around, life is funnier and more joyful and just more enjoyable in general. Mallory is that type of person in our lives. I don’t know of any situation where I didn’t thoroughly enjoy being in her presence!! Mallory is so mature for her age and I think that’s one of the reasons I have always loved being around her. She reminds me of some of my college friends and so when we would go on mission trips and retreats, I would naturally end up hanging out with her. Mallory also has an awesome “artsy’ side too!!

Thanksgiving Tablescape

  • Fall Decor Inspiration

like I’ve been blogging a lot of personal life stuff recently. My sister got engaged, Thanksgiving was at our house for the first time EVER, etc, etc. Welp! Today is another personal day! :) I have mentioned so many times before that this blog isn’t JUST a blog for my business, it’s a blog for my life as well! It’s my online scrapbook and now that’s been going for 6 years, it’s REALLY fun to have life documented this way! So I wanted to post some images from our Thanksgiving tablescape because it was pretty and glowy and very TEAL!

OCF & Specialty Shots

  • Ask Anything

being SO intimidated by ANYTHING that had to do with FLASH or off-camera lighting. 3 years ago, I had good reason to be intimidated because I didn’t understand flash or off-camera lighting like I do now. I’m no genius when it comes to artificial light but I do know more now!! I’m creating well exposed images consistently when using flash and I actually understand WHY they are turning out well instead of just shooting and praying that something good will happen. Shooting and just hoping for something decent to be captured isn’t a very professional approach and so if you’re in that place,

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