It’s a crazy week over here for so many reasons!!! Exciting reasons!! :) We just wanted to share a quick blog post explaining that despite our crazy season of life, (moving, surgery, new baby, etc) we still have something fun to offer you guys!! We actually have a new educational resource becoming available REALLY soon!!!! It’s not a massive 6 Week course… it’s something BRAND NEW and very different!!! We’ve been wanting to share this since November, but life got in the way!!

This exciting new resource is all about MARKETING!!!! Ahhh!!

So if you’re freaking out because your fall for 2017 still isn’t completely booked or you’re worried that your 2018 season isn’t shaping up yet, then just take a deep breath and join us for this FREE WEBINAR! I’m sharing some tips and tricks that helped me out during my slow seasons and I’m also sharing how to avoid being BURNT OUT & BROKE!!! We’d love to see you there!!! We’ll see you on the evening of the 21st at 8pm EST!

And ps. like most webinars… we have a SURPRISE AT THE END!!! However, the surprise doesn’t JUST include our new resource that we created…. it’s SOOOOO much bigger than that!! So if that doesn’t make you want to tune in, then I don’t know what will!!!!! See you Tuesday night!!!



xoxo, Katelyn
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