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I’m starting this post with the part that EVERYONE has been waiting for! If you follow me on Twitter, you may have realized that I had called this an engagement session all along.  Anna and Justin have been planning on getting married for quite some time.  I’ve known Anna literally my WHOLE life and when she brought Justin home for the first time, everyone knew where this was going. We knew he was the one! It was so obvious. Because I’ve been family friends with the Beale family since I was a toddler, I remember watching Anna go through high school and then college….there has never been a guy quite like Justin. No one has come close. Since Michael has been around forever, I have never had to bring a new guy home and introduce him to the “crew”.  It can be quite intimidating. Between all of our families, plus the other Beale sisters, it can really give a new girlfriend/boyfriend a run for their money! Justin made it through the initiation phase and has become a part of the family. We love him and we couldn’t be happier for the two of them!


Anna and Justin have been engaged in our eyes for quite some time.  It just makes sense! They have been planning their wedding for this coming June and I must say that I am so excited! So during our session, when Justin got down on one knee, I was beyond surprised! And Anna was too! No matter how official they already seemed, every girl deserves to have the love of their life get down on one knee and tell her how much he adores her and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.  I couldn’t hear everything that Justin said but I knew it was beautiful because Anna was bawling and I was close to it. It was an awesome moment.  As I was snapping away and trying to hold back the tears, I couldn’t help but realize how much I just love my job.  These moments only happen once and I get to capture them! I’m a lucky girl!!! and so are you Miss. Anna Beale! (soon to be Burke!)


I love you both! It was a privilege to hangout with you guys for the afternoon and take a MILLION pictures! It was so hard to choose favorites for the blog! Enjoy!

Get it girl! Love it!

Probably a favorite! I LOVE Justin’s face!


Look at that location!!

Yea, Anna climbed up on this mound of sticks and logs in HEELS! She’s wonderful!

An outfit change!

So many! Ah! I couldn’t choose! Hope you enjoyed them!

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