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I arrived at Danielle’s parent’s house and needless to say, with 9 bridesmaids, there was quite a buzz happening around the house. Clothes were being ironed, makeup was being finished, and excitement was building. I made my way through the house and chatted with Danielle’s sweet mom who was just as calm as she could be and explained that she loved the commotion that was filling the house… because it wasn’t bad commotion, it was exciting! This was a big day for their family! Their only daughter was getting married to the love of her life! These two had waiting a long time for this day!! Matt and Danielle actually went on their VERY first date on September 7th, 2010, exactly three years prior to their wedding day. As Danielle walked down the aisle, you could hear soft sniffles from the pews that were filled with friends and family that love them both so dearly.

As the minister mentioned that she had talked to some of the bridal party about these two (which I loved!), she said that everyone that knew them said that they were loyal. Matt and Danielle are amazing friends to everyone in their life and that was so evident as people nodded in agreement to what the minister was saying about them. Being loyal isn’t just a great trait for friendship, it’s comes in handy for marriages as well. :) I have no doubt in my mind that Matt and Danielle will have an amazing, lifelong marriage! We’re so excited for them!!! Enjoy some of my favorites and THANK YOU to Matt and Danielle for allowing us to be a part of your day!!!

Danielle is BRAVE! Look at those heels! 

Love her double bands!

The boys always have such a chill morning…

Danielle, you my friend are GORGEOUS! 

Love this first look shot by Michael! 

Unique bouquet! Loved the pop of color that it added to her portraits!

And this is Captain… the family dog that loved being a part of bridal party pictures:) He’s 13 and such a sweetie! 

Look at all of those friends!

Danielle and her matron of honor, Mel. Love these two and their friendship!

ohhh you two….

going to the chapel….


Love the image on the left f Danielle’s dad handing her over. One of my favorite parts of a wedding day. :)


Love these! We had JUST enough sunlight left to finish their portraits!

credits coming soon!

xoxo, Katelyn
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